Is it possible to study in Canada without IELTS?

My answer is no because IELTS is an unsaid important criterion. Thus, it is always best if you didn’t look for ways to avoid it. To study in Canada, IELTS is a mandatory requirement in all universities and colleges as they consider it to be a test. The Canada top universities don’t accept a score of less than 6 band in each module. Hence, a minimum of 6. 5 band in IELTS should be aimed at.

It is not possible to study in Canada without IELTS.

As an international student in Canada, one needs to get required score in IELTS however today, there are numerous universities in Canada which enables you to get admission in their college/university by clearing IELTS test. Indeed, even Embassy of Canada is currently giving international students access Canada with IELTS.

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Get English proficiency certificate for Canada

Getting English proficiency certificate for Canada is extremely simple for international students. Universities in Canada are presently offering two choices to the students and one of them is called giving English proficiency certificate.

If you have pursued all subject in the English language in the past, at that point you can request the certificate from your past school and use it as a language certificate. Indeed, even students whose tutoring done in English medium school can get this certificate.

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Canadian Embassy requires IELTS in 2019:

As already mentioned, IELTS has been the necessary of Canadian Embassy but the college/university only. If you want to get admission in Canadian University you have to write IELTS, at that point you can show the IELTS letter or certificate to the embassy issued by the college. This letter is comprised of a single page and not required by the Canadian embassy. By giving IELTS letter, one can make his/her case more grounded.

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